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Russian Fascists from Belarus going to war in Ukraine photos 55

19:37, — Society

Belarusian members of the RNE (Russian National Unity) have made an attempt to emerge from the underground.

The occasion was the Ukrainian events, Belorusskiye novosti writes.

Ay their website the unknown persons on behalf of the Belarusian branch of the Russian National Unity announced creation of volunteer units for organized support of our Orthodox brothers, who are fighting ay the territory of former Ukraine against Kyiv junta and Popular Front, who with the use of US money are plotting to incite the same chaos in our republic as well.

The contact persons for enrolling in the units are offered in the social network Vkontakte. It is stated additionally that only men of the age 23+, who had served in the military forces, could join the detachments to save Ukraine from the junta consisting of the CIA agents, radical Ukrainian nationalists (banderovets), and other riffraff. Younger defenders are proposed to render help, which is not connected to travel to the territory of former Ukraine. They mean financial aid, the number of an account in Yandex.Money system is offered.

Belarusian law-enforcers have good reasons for opening a number of criminal cases from the Special part of the Criminal Code of Belarus, Part 4 Crimes against peace, security of the mankind, and military crimes. It really looks like war propaganda (Article 123), recruiting and financing with the help of mercenaries (Article 132) and Mercenary (Article 133).

To be exact, this issue is a realm of the KGB of Belarus exclusively. And as a part of the so-called preventive measures KGB officers could have caught all the virtual network of Belarusian Barkashovs supporters. But these branches continue their existence in Minsk, Hrodna, Maryina Horka, Polatsk and Navapolatsk, though they exist in a virtual form of social networks.

It is nothing like a network of the turbulent 1990s, when RNE supporters had their branches in almost every town of Belarus, organized their weekly meetings in Yakub Kolas Square without problems, marched along the streets in their black uniform and greeted each other with a gesture similar to the Nazi greeting with the words Glory to Russia!

By the way, then RNE members in Minsk became visible during mass rallies of opposition many times. They staged provocations and disseminated their propagandistic leaflets. Notably, they always came out clean. Police didnt trouble them. For instance, in February 1999 RNE members attacked and beaten up activists of Charter97 initiative including the future presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, however, the office of Prosecutor General didnt found grounds for bringing RNE neo-Nazis to account.

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