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Hail in Minsk: Center has gone under water (Video) важная новость? photos 68

13:41, — Society

Heavy rain and hail came down on Minsk today in the afternoon.

A heavy rain that lasted over an hour flooded many streets. The traffic in the city center got paralyzed, the witnesses reported.

Traditionally the highest water level could be observed in the area of Niamiha Street. Also flooded was the driveway in the following streets: Internacyjanalnaja, Marksa, Haradski Val, Uralskaja, Dauhabrodskaja, Korvata, Filimonava, Radyjalnaja, Minina, Tolstogo, Fabrycyjusa, Komsomol, Sviardlova. At certain parts of these streets the traffic was stopped, rescuers evacuated people from bus stops.

Minsk residents also report to of car frames being damaged by a heaviest hail. The average size of the hailstones accounted for 11 mm, while in separate parts of the capital the diameter reached 20 mm.

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