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Statkevich should not know his rights 15

13:50, — Politics

Statkevich should not know his rights

That is the opinion of the Mogilev prisons No 4 administration, where the political prisoner Mikalai Statkevich is serving his term.

The web-site reports about that.

I cannot explain differently the enviable stubbornness with which they return me a printed copy of the Belarus Council of Ministers resolution No 1564, which gives the nutrition standards and the standards for provision of the means of personal hygiene for prisoners. I have tried several times to send this resolution to Mikalai, - the wife of the 2010 presidential candidate and present political prisoner Mikalai Statkevich Maryna Adamovich tells.

I am sure that prisoners have a right not only to know what the state guarantees to them (for that this resolutions standards should be in every cell and in every brigade in a colony), but also receive everything they should without any seizures, - Maryna Adamovich believes.

The people are not only not guaranteed a right for humane treatment, but the minimal obligations are not observed, which the state takes. The state hides the existence of these rights under various cover ups. Prisoners are completely defenseless before the administration; their complaints often do not leave the colonies and prisons walls. The specialized information resources are literally filled with evidence for that.

It reaches the level of absurd, when to Mikalais request to explain where the prescribed by the governments resolution means of hygiene or food are, they would respond that money is not taken from his pension for that. I am sorry, but for what? May be for resort conditions? For a cell without a floor? For a wet ceiling? For the plaster falling off the walls? For the absence of daylight? For the cold, which is, apparently, a special service for preserving a good shape? - the woman wonders.

Maryna Adamovich hopes to finally receive answers to these questions.

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