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Days in prison for oppositional leaflets 13

12:49, — Politics

Days in prison for oppositional leaflets

The court of the October district sentenced Tell the truth activists for 5 and 10 days of arrest today.

A campaigns activist Sviatlana Volkava was sentenced to 5 days in prison. Two other activists Yury Fabisheuski and Aliaksei Marozau were sentenced to 10 days of arrest. The reason for the sentences insubordination to police.

According to the campaigns web-site, Sviatlana Volkava was detained on 9 January, when she left the apartment of Yury Fabisheuski. The two guys taken from this apartment in one and a half hours.

All the activists had the leaflets of the Citizens Agreement with them.

On 9 January Sviatlana Volkava managed to call a representative of the campaign Tatiana Karatkevich and tell about the detention. She said that they did not tell her why she was detained, but took her fingerprints. The connection with her was then lost.

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