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KGB arrested the chief horse breeder? 26

10:02, — Politics

KGB arrested the chief horse breeder?

KGB has found first facts of corruption with sports functionaries, whom Lukashenka personally demanded to inspect.

First on his way to prison, apparently, will be the head of the Republics center for Olympic training of equestrian sports and horse breeding, Ezhednevnik reports.

So far there is no official information on the corruption scandal in Ratamka. But it is known that the Investigatory Committee has initiated the first criminal case based on KGBs materials. It is initiated against the director general of the Republics center for Olympic training of equestrian sports and horse breeding Viktar Mikhadziuk. It is the same Mikhadziuk whom the ruler demanded to thoroughly inspect in October 2012.

As Pressball newspaper reported in October, roughly in an hour after the start of the meeting the floor was given to the chief horse breeder of the country and Lukashenka could not withhold but introduced him personally:

Now Mikhadziuk will tell you how one should create an Olympic training base and build castles simultaneously. Please, go. The minister kept silent, the aide as well. May be you will tell how to saw, carry, build, how to sell horses dirt cheap, remind us whether to Zaichkau or someone else. Tell us. Loud and clear.

Viktar Mikhadziuk is accused of power abuse according to the part 2 of the article 424 of the Criminal Code. The case in being proceeded by the central apparatus of the Investigatory Committee, considering its importance and the personal interest of the president.

According to the preliminary data, the suspect caused damaged to the Republics center for Olympic training of equestrian sports and horse breeding in the amount of more than 39 million roubles by abusing power from September 2011 to October 2012. One may assume that it is only the beginning, since such an amount could not bring about the rulers anger. If KGB goes further, it will be not only Mikhadziuk under the criminal investigation but also his protectors and lobbyists.

Nothing is known about Mikhadziuk himself so far.

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