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Workers of Kovry Bresta factory: We suffer from low temperatures and mice 39

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Workers of Kovry Bresta factory: We suffer from low temperatures and mice

Workers of the carpet factory Kovry Bresta have to live on the salary equal to child benefits.

Worker Halina Marchuk and quality inspector Nina Dakala found out that mice live at the factory. Signs of mice activity are found in the microwave oven and on the table in the restroom, Salidarnasts reports.

We called the regional branch of the trade union, Halina Marchuk says. We told them about the problem and added about low temperatures at the factory. It's 5-6ºC in the shop and -2ºC on the equipment. Managers promised to give us heaters. We reminded acting director Baiko about the promise, but he said power would be cut if he spent more power on heating.

According to Halina, unbearable conditions were the reason for her conflict with the safety engineer. She says her boss even used force.

She [the safety engineer] punched me in the breast and called me a gossiper. I think it's because I said we had mice at the factory. She accuses me of spreading information about the factory on the Internet. She says it's a stain on the factory,Halina says.

Halina Marchuk complained to the police about her boss.

They gave us 10 days for a reconciliation, she notes. The district police officer says all people are equal and he will defend even a homeless person.

The worker accuses head of the Light Industry Concern Mikhail Suchkou of the situation at the factory.

I wrote him, but it was in vain. The line worked only two times in January, Halina says. That's how we live: fight with mice, low temperatures and managers. They f*** up everything.

Representatives of the president's administration and Brest prosecutors visited us on Wednesday and asked why the equipment didn't work and how we warmed ourselves, Nina Dakala says. I told them about our wages. 2,140,000 rubles it's less than child benefit.

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